Over the years we have had a full complement of drummers and guitarists and keyboard players. We positively encourage anyone who has the spiritual gift of playing an instrument or singing and/or worship leading to be involved in our music ministry.

We seek to blend traditional or hymnal songs with contemporary Christian worship music whilst remaining true to biblically sound  material.

Some of our worship team write their own material.

We seek to encourage younger members of the church to develop their musical giftings and this is from time to time expressed by allowing the children to play an active role during our family services.

We endeavour to focus on worshipping our Lord Jesus through our music and hopefully enable people to enter into worship and draw nearer to HIM each and every time we meet.

Our music team do not limit their input or musical giftings to just church meetings and that from time to time, we hold other  music events with the aim of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our community.


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