Cornerstone Church Children's Ministry

We are looking forward to new and exciting times ahead.

We currently have children aged between 10 to 16 but are able to cater for all ages. Our congregation boasts of families that have played pivotal roles in the development of their children.

The young ones normally stay for the first part of the Sunday Service and afterwards go off to their Sunday School. At Cornerstone, we encourage each child to own and read their bible. We always have extra copies of bibles at hand during services. Our Sunday School services are interactive and bible based. Children are always encouraged to be involved and there is the opportunity for them to ask questions or have open discussions whilst ensuring that they are spiritually being guided to ultimately understand what the bible says.

We normally have a family service once a month (last Sunday of each month) where the children remain in the main service with the rest of the congregation.

We pray that The Lord will continue to bless us with younger families and also children's ministry helpers.

Watch this space!


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