The church in the community

Family Sunday Service

Picture with friends

The Event Mossley Park 2017

Baden House our Sunday meeting place

"A" board outside Baden House(board needs a facelift really!-a bit like some of the church!haha!)

Prayer is key

Our collection

Our collection

The splendour of The King

Our collection

some of the music team looking busy (for a change!haha!)

Harry & Joy

Harry & Joy (H holding a victorian pose..pith helmet & tiger missing!)

Joy & Norma (Lighthouse Co-ordinators)

John's drawing lessons info board at Baden House

Julie posing as usual & Zsu chuckling instead of praying!(it's supposed to be serious business don't you know!?)

Lighthouse middle room during refurbishment

Lighthouse middle room after refurbishment!

Julie painting the loo ! most people use bleach we just paint it!

Michael the Great British worker !

Norma with paintbrush moustache! Or is it real!?

John pretending to be Harry Worth (or looking suspiciously around the corner! trying to avoid being given a job?! haha!)

Sean our wonderful builder plastering front shop The Lighthouse

Re-Open day middle room Lighthouse

Paul & Gayle Woods (GAP Kenya) enjoying a cuppa

Julie grafting again! Your rewards will be in heaven Julie!

New kitchen at The Lighthouse

Lighthouse newly painted

Family service with a difference!

Light in the Darkness

Can I tempt you to childrens book, dvd or game?

Looks like a party atmosphere at the Lighthouse

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