The Lighthouse Ethos

The Lighthouse is an evangelical outreach ministry

We believe in the Bible; and the Commission to share the Good News of Jesus Christ

The Lighthouse exists to share the Good News in deed as well as word

We believe in demonstrating Jesus Christ, as well as telling people about Him

The Lighthouse does not exist primarily to raise finances

It exists for the above two reasons; the money made is put back into the ministry, or given away to charity

The Lighthouse is meant to be a place of both wisdom and trust

We try to deal wisely with people, and to seek and encourage trusting relationships

The Lighthouse is meant to be a place where the Body of Christ may operate as freely and fully as possible

We encourage all believers who operate as staff members to find and express their God-given ministry

The Lighthouse is meant to be a place where people find the Peace of God

In sharing the Good News, we seek to bring people into God's peace and wholeness

The Lighthouse is a place where those that serve in The Lighthouse are the first to be blessed!

We believe that in giving we receive, and so expect our work to be a blessing to us







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