As a church, we believe in believers baptism, not just adult baptism, since we accept that God can bring even small children into a faith relationship with Him. We accept that the outward signification of our coming to faith can be by sprinkling, but we prefer immersion in water. We recognise that the outward ceremony is a mark of what has gone on inwardly as the Holy Spirit has baptised us into the Body of Christ, and that without that inner work of the Spirit, no true baptism has taken place. We make physical baptism as accessible as possible, given that we don't have baptismal facilities, and we do not require people to go through any preparation process for physical baptism, as the New Testament example is that people were baptised in water as closely upon confession of faith as possible. We do not practice infant christening, since an infant can make no confession of faith, but we do facilitate parents dedicating their new-borns to the LORD.

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